Note that many transmission systems can accommodate agricultural vehicle heights of more than 4.3 meters safely. If your vehicle exceeds 4.3 metres, please contact AltaLink If you are not sure if your proposed activity is in the AltaLink ROW, please contact us at and we can help. You may also have a legal obligation to contact AltaLink for certain developments near a ROW supply provider. Industrial land uses, such as gravel mines, mines, wells and pipelines, may be subject to special regulation. The following table lists industrial applications and recommendation notification distances: transmission line wires can sink in hot or cold weather and oscillate in strong winds. Trees or plants growing in or at the edge of a transmission line can become a potential hazard if there is a risk of the tree falling or branches falling on the transmission line. Trees that become a fire or safety hazard are identified at AltaLink`s discretion for removal. Before starting work, we will contact the owners to discuss the necessary work.

For applications or modifications outside the ROW line or transmission line, AltaLink reviews your proposal and determines whether safer working conditions are needed. To ensure your safety, we ask you not to start your business until you have received a written confirmation from AltaLink. The final grade of a car park or surface maintains the clearing requirements set by AltaLink. If you think your normal contacts have not given you a satisfactory answer, or if you don`t know: To ensure the safety of the public and the reliability of Alberta`s electrical system, we work with landowners, developers, municipalities and businesses to ensure that our transmission lines are managed properly in Denwegen Roads (ROWs), road allowances and advance fees if you have a detailed cover sheet containing all the above information, you can submit them instead of 1 and 2. Please indicate, however, whether you are submitting a ROW app or an approach notification to the subject of your email.